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Booking Confirmation - Transaction Success

We have received your request to cancel your booking with Melaleuca Seaside Retreat.

Your booking is now cancelled and you will receive a Booking Cancellation email within 10 minutes.

We are sorry you are not able to stay with us. If we can assist you with booking alternate dates, please call us on 0419 933 445 or Contact Us (If you do not receive your booking cancellation email please check your spam or junk folder.)

Sincerely yours,
Melaleuca Seaside Retreat

Please carefully review our cancellation policies below. For additional information regarding our cancellation policy please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions.

Cancellation Terms and Charges
  • If more than twenty (20) days notice is given, your deposit will be refunded less $35 cancellation fee and any associated bank fees.
  • If a notice is given between eleven (11) and twenty (20) days, your deposit will be refunded less 5% of your total booking price and any associated bank fees.
  • If you cancel your booking with less than (11) days notice, your deposit will be forfeited.
  • If you cancel your booking with less than seven (7) days notice, the full cost of the entire booking will be forfeited.
    Shorter than Booked Stay or no-shows
  • If at any time during your stay, you decide to spend less time than the booked duration, the full cost of your entire stay is payable and no refunds will be issued.
  • Moreover, early departures or cancellations due to inclement weather are fully chargeable.
  • In the event of a no-show (i.e. you neither use nor cancel your reservation), a fee equivalent to the value of the entire stay will be incurred.