Facilities * Fun for all with a 12m pool, tennis and basketball court, gaming room, putt putt course, rain-forest walks, fishing and a 10km beach stretch for horse riding.

  • Your day's work

    Dive in, lap it up, splash out, dry out, cold drinks and watermelon, sunup to sundown.

  • Beware, Entertainment Inside

    ...step into our Games Room for a friendly one-on-one

  • It has been said...

    If you can't find the one being hustled in the pool room, it's you.

  • When you're winding the day down,

    Team up for a foosball showdown!

  • Hit a Champagne Breakfast

    While the kids play Robin Hood in the woods, chuck your own Robin Hood or a hit a Champagne Breakfast.

  • The cool shot

    If you think tennis is life, then the rest is just details (Anonymous.)

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Our Facilities (Things to do)

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Tennis Court with Racquets and Balls

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat has three spacious cottages that can accommodate up to 14 guests in self-sufficient comfort with ultimate privacy.
And there's something for everyone. Whatever the reason for your visit, a romantic weekend or seeking a fun-filled family holiday, you will experience the best of bush and beach without ever wishing for anything else.
Numerous tracks and trails meander across 100 acres of bush and wetland with various types of bird-life seen in the trees, soaring overhead or patrolling the wetlands.

From the observation platform located on the top of the sand dunes many types of sea birds can be seen in addition to frequent sightings of dolphins and occasionally sightings of whales.

Beach fishing is very popular and with 10km of beach available, there is plenty of space to find the best fishing spot.
If you bring your favourite horse, the 10km sandy beach is a perfect place to ride, stretching your horse's stamina and spreading your wings with the sea breeze.

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Boardwalk Over Wetlands to Tasman Sea

Sure you're sound asleep in your cosy cottage but you won't be able to help but rise-up in the wee hours to a cacophony of birds songs welcoming the first rays of sun. And to help you make the most of your days with us, scattered across the retreat are pleasure-oriented facilities to accommodate for various moods and whims:

  • HotSpring Spas at every cottage
  • Sneak in a 20-minute soak in the spa at any time during the day or night. Especially enjoyable after a day of exploration and activities, the warm jet water massaging your aching muscles is a great wonderful way to relax and have an amazing massage. It's even better whilst you're bonding with friends and relaxing and conversing with family.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Relax in our open-air resort pool and enjoy soaking up plenty of fresh Manning Valley air under the sun. At roughly 12m x 4m, our outdoor pool is the perfect place to get in a few laps, top up your tan and cool off from the heat of the day.

  • Tennis Court also doubling-up as Basketball Court
  • There’s no denying that in Australia we love our tennis. If watching the tennis will have you itching to reach for the racket or if you are a keen tennis player, close by the swimming pool is a full sized tennis court and with only three cottages to share it, it should always be available when you feel like a fun game with family or friends.
    Maybe even consider a tennis-themed holiday.
    Forgot your racquets and tennis balls? No problem. Rackets and balls are available at the retreat's office.

  • Game Room
  • Fitted for fun and comfort, with Pool/Billiard Table, Foosball Soccer Table, Table Tennis, Dartboard and visual and audio Entertainment.

  • Horse Paddocks
  • And something for your favourite Horse. Let it have some paddock time to build strength and get some fresh air waiting for the next wild ride on the beach.

  • Forest tracks
  • Walk our natural or planned tracks for a slow promenade or a surprise adventure.

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Facilities - Putt Putt Course

  • Enjoy a Quick Round of Fun on Our Putting Green
  • Nestled conveniently next to the Games Room and close to the guest Horse Stables, our putting green is a charming addition to the Retreat's activities.

    Positioned beautifully between the Bluegum Cottage and the Wetlands, this inviting green space, although not expansive, is perfectly suited for guests of all ages to enjoy a game of putt.

    This area is ideal for a spontaneous and fun-filled break. Whether you're looking to perfect your putt or just seeking a playful distraction, our green provides an enjoyable challenge. Its proximity to the Retreat's various amenities allows for easy transitions between activities, ensuring a dynamic and entertaining stay.

    After a round or two, why not explore the nearby Wetlands or visit the Games Room? Our putting green not only serves as a fun, outdoor activity but also as a starting point for discovering all that the Retreat has to offer.

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Big Mulloway Fish (Jewfish) Catch Fresh from the Tasman Sea.

  • Fishing at Mitchells Island Beach: A Guide for Anglers
  • Adjacent to the Retreat's serene ambiance, Mitchells Island Beach is a renowned fishing destination. This tranquil spot is teeming with a variety of fish such as Jewfish, snapper, perch, bream, blackfish, and whiting.
    Targeting Species:
  • Jewfish (Mulloway): Legal size limit is 45 cm with a bag limit of 5, but only 2 fish longer than 70 cm are allowed (NSW Department of Primary Industries).
  • Bream & Tarwhine: Size limit of 25 cm, bag limit of 10 (NSW DPI Rules & Regulations).
  • Australian Bass & Estuary Perch: Closed season in rivers and estuaries from May to August. Only 1 fish over 35 cm is allowed, with a total of 2 (or 4 in possession.)
  • Measuring Fish:
    Fish measurement is taken from the snout on the upper jaw to the end of the tail, regardless of whether it is fork-tailed or round-tailed (How to measure fish).
    General Fishing Tips:
    • Use a medium to heavy rod for beach fishing. Nighttime or dawn are ideal for Jewfish.
    • Live baits like prawns, mullet, and worms are effective, as are artificial lures.
    • High tide and overcast conditions can improve your chances.
    Local Regulations:
    Adhering to local regulations, including size and bag limits, is essential for sustainable fishing. Fishers need a valid fishing license, unless exempt. For the most current regulations and updates, consult local fisheries authorities or visit nearby bait shops.
Mitchells Island Beach, with its captivating natural setting adjacent to the Retreat, is an ideal location for a fulfilling day of fishing. Equip yourself with the right gear, respect the local rules, and prepare for an enriching experience in one of the most sought-after fishing destinations.

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Reeling it in - Big Mulloway Fish (Jewfish)

So you'll bubble up in the luxurious Hot Spring spa nestled within magnificent nature-facing verandah then move on to explore the enchanted forest though its secret tracks, sweat it up on the tennis and basketball court, lap it up in a refreshing dip in the Tasman Sea or the swimming pool and wind it down in our games room with a pool table, foosball soccer table, table tennis etc.

Or maybe just retreat to your cottage, light up the fireplace, put your feet up and sip a warm cup of soup, green tea or Sherry as the sun goes down.