• Melaleuca Seaside Retreat

    ...a bush and beach ideal.

  • It rained and the wetlands teemed with wildlife

    ...be a witness to nature's glory.

  • It rained some more...

    A once-in-a-century torrent. Where's a boat when you need one?

  • A glorious bird's-eye view

    ...if only we had wings.

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About the Retreat

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Banksia Cottage Peek Through Trees

Thank you for considering Melaleuca Seaside Retreat for your next holiday and it is always a delight to share with you our little part of the Mid North Coast, a simple yet uniquely memorable place, a secret for your enjoyment.

The History
The retreat is a back-to-nature conservation project first conceived by Ronald and Vicky Gates in the early 2000's.

Situated on Mitchells Island just east of Taree, the retreat is part of a 100 acre beach front property which is being progressively returned to coastal rain-forest.

Thousands of native trees have been planted in recent years to regenerate the forest environment surrounding the original wetland areas.
The retreat has an 800 metre frontage to the sand dunes behind the beach which extends for 4km to the north and 6 km to the south.

Within this unique natural setting, three environmentally sensitive, sustainably designed cottages are integrated into the native bushland.

The three cottages have a total of four bedrooms that can accommodate up to 14 guests in simple country-style comfort.

For couples wanting to relax and unwind in privacy, the three cottages are diversely located, set well-apart in native bushland for ultimate privacy and a perfect romantic leave-it-all-behind hideaway.

The magnificent nature-facing verandahs and the relaxing HotSpring and Jacuzzi Spa pools are the perfect commencement and winding down of a day well lived. Even though the Spa pools are a couple's ultimate favourite, it has proven to be so popular with the kids and a shared fun activity for all the family.

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat - Beach Observation Platform and Stairs

Looking ahead
Since the year 2017 Melaleuca Seaside Retreat has been managed by Steve and Fadia. With their commitment to continuous guest comfort and care, along with the assistance of dedicated support staff the vision of the retreat lives on. This has been noted and appreciated by many of our loyal guests.
Every man and woman that visits this part of the mid north coast leaves with cherished memories. It's almost like pressing the reset button on everything that's unimportant in life, and reliving dreams, reinvigorating emotions and renewing hopes. Life as we're supposed to know it and live it. In the common parlance, it's called recharging your batteries, winding down, escaping from the pressures of life...

What do you expect to find in this hidden part of the world? You will find mother nature and its low voice calling you to get in touch with it, with your inner self and connect deeper with your loved ones. That's all there is to it. Simple and beautiful.

Recent makeover (May 2018)
All three cottages recently underwent extensive renovations to further enhance the comfort level and add an additional sense of freshness to the cosiness of each place.
Every cottage was fitted with new Kitchen and cupboards, new electrical appliances, new furniture, new bathroom, new flooring and comprehensive painting.

In May 2019, the large storage room above the stables was converted into a Games Room. Fitted for fun and comfort, with a Heiron & Smith Billiard/Pool Table, a Roberto Sport Foosball Soccer Table, Table Tennis, Dartboard and visual and audio Entertainment. So when you're restless and seeking a bit of one-on-one friendly yet competitive activities, you are spoiled for choices.

In March 2020, the existing spa pools were replaced and new HotSpring and Jacuzzi spas installed in all the cottages.

The adjacent sitting area to the 12m swimming pool was transformed from grass and resurfaced with stencil anti-slip concrete, which helped in keeping the pool clean from debris. A stylish waterproof shade sail was installed for rain, UV rays protection and direct-sun shielding.

Nature's gift
The retreat is nature's gift for you to enjoy deep and meaningful moments of seclusion and ultimate privacy. Our rustic country cottages will engender that fuzzy feeling and transport you to a time of dreams and imagination.

From relaxation one day to exploration another, the choice is yours. Chill out in your private spa, have a full body massage to nurture your soul and skin, play a game of tennis, basketball or pool, wander about the enchanted forest, take a walk along 10 km of white sandy beach or just sit under a special tree or on the beach and read a book, make a painting, listen to the birds, the waves, your children's voices in the distance playing silly games, the whisper of your significant other and while at it feel your heart beating with anticipation and joy of living.

And the kids would love our ready-to-explore enchanted forest, acting out their wildest games and heroes as they explore its hidden treasures, walking some obvious tracks and not so obvious trails.

Melaleuca Seaside Retreat is yours today and tomorrow. Don't be a stranger and visit every now and then, the retreat looks even more alive with you in the picture. Say hello to sunshine everyday, and hope to see you soon at our hermit's heaven.